Connecting PC and Android with Shareit


If you need to transfer files quickly between different devices then you may like to know Lenovo Shareit app. It allows you to transfer files between Windows, Android and iPhone / iPad connected to the same Wi-Fi network, all transfer without the need of connecting cables and 60 times faster than Bluetooth.

 This is a usefull link to install shareit on PC or Computer.


Quickly transfer files between devices

•    To use Shareit for PC, Download and install Shareit on the computer and android device.
•    After installing Shareit in Windows and on your devices you need to configure them. Start by opening the application on your computer, click the check box "Do not show again" and click on the small arrow in the lower right corner. Keep going right until the last screen, click "Start".
•    Type a name for your computer; select an avatar and click "Save". If you click on "Advanced" you can change the default save folder, which in this case is "Downloads".
•    Now open the application on Android. Go down the screen and click "Start"
•    Give a name to your Android, choose an avatar or take picture and click "Save"
•    Ready with the application configured on the devices, it is time to connect them. Go back to the Shareit on your computer, click "Connect the Android device" in the upper left corner. Will open the screen waiting for connection
•    Now open the app on Android and click "Connect to PC" on the bottom menu. On the next screen select your computer.


•    The computer appears that Android is requesting connection. Check the small square "Always accept files from this device" and click "Yes".
•    Now your computer and your Android appear connected. Now just click "Send" on the computer Shareit to send files from PC to Android.
•    Select the computer file you want to upload and click "Select".
•    The Android app sees the message 100% when finished receiving. File is sent automatically to Android
•    To send Android to your computer, simply click on "Send" in the bottom menu. Open the window for selecting the files, you can slide left or right to filter by file type. After selecting files you want to send just click "Next"
•    The files automatically appear in Shareit screen on your computer. Clicking the three strokes of the right side of the file button can open it, open the folder where it is saved or delete it.
•    To disconnect your computer from the Android simply click the "X" on the left of "Connect to PC") and then select "Ok".